Paying More Wisely: Effects of Payment Reforms on Evidence-Based Clinical Decision-Making

Publisher: Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, vol. 2, no. 3
May 30, 2013
Timothy K. Lake, Eugene C. Rich, Christal Stone Valenzano, and Myles M. Maxfield
This article reviews the recent research, policy, and conceptual literature on the effects of payment policy reforms on evidence-based clinical decision making by physicians at the point of care. Payment reforms include recalibration of existing fee structures in fee-for-service, pay-for-quality, episode-based bundled payments and global payments. The authors review the advantages and disadvantages of these reforms in terms of their effects on physicians’ and patients’ use of evidence in clinical decisions related to the diagnosis, testing, treatment, and management of disease. They conclude with a recommended pathway for improving payment incentives to better support evidence-based decision making.