Recent Presentations by CHCE Staff

Jul 03, 2014

“Midstream Assessment of ARRA CER Portfolio: Findings and Implications for Evaluating Future Investments." Dominick Esposito and Eugene Rich. Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, San Diego, CA, June  2014.

“Midstream Assessment of ARRA CER Portfolio: Implications for Electronic Data Methods." Dominick Esposito and Eugene Rich. AcademyHealth ECM Forum Steering Committee meeting. Washington, DC, March  2014.  

“Midstream Assessment of ARRA CER Portfolio: Implications for Patient-Centered CER Training.” Eugene Rich. Curricular Advances for Patient Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Conference, Pew Conference Center, Washington, DC, January 2014.

“Paying More Wisely: How Incentives Influence Physician Decisions at the Point of Care.” Eugene Rich. Medical Education Grand Rounds, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, December 2013.

“The Evolving Definition and Scope of Comparative Effectiveness Research in the United States.” Dominick Esposito. Invited presentation at the Integrating Comparative Effectiveness Conference, Philadelphia, December 2012.