New Journal Articles Offer Commentary on Choosing Wisely® Recommendations and Examine the Evolution of Public Investment in Comparative Effectiveness Research

Nov 14, 2016

From the Journal of General Internal Medicine: “Barriers to Choosing Wisely® in Primary Care: It’s Not Just About ‘the Money’” 

In this issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, Eugene Rich provides commentary on the results from two national surveys of primary care physicians that explore the barriers to implementing 12 Choosing Wisely® recommendations. The survey populations included physicians in internal medicine, family medicine, and geriatrics drawn from a nationally representative random sample, as well as primary care physicians who practice in Department of Veterans Affairs’ facilities. Despite the differences in the two populations and in their practice settings, the respondents had remarkably consistent concerns about the feasibility of following the Choosing Wisely® recommendations in their setting.

From the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research: “From Concept to Policy: 10 Years After the Call for a US Center for Comparative Effectiveness Information” 

In this issue of the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, Eugene Rich describes the evolution of public investments in comparative effectiveness research since the concept was first discussed by Gail Wilensky in 2006. The article illustrates how Wilensky’s policy ideas have been applied during a decade of substantial investment in better understanding 'what works best for whom’ in the nation’s health care system.